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Studio Point


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Projects and credentials

In the main, we are using the studio as a home-base for our group, Rough Draft, Bonnie Fides, BigFoot... under whichever name or configuration that happens to be active at the present moment. However, we welcome other musicians, too. The studio's credential list includes:
  • Rough Draft mixes: more than 40 songs fully recorded and partially premastered which are still, well, in a rough draft phase. We are aiming to produce a final version of a Rough Draft CD soo---yeah, yeah, I know, I've been saying that for years, but now I really mean it.ugh Draft CD by the end of the year.

  • Chrys Mitchell: People and Places
  • Chrys Mitchell: No Plans for the Day
  • Bonnie Fides: Impromptu
  • DNA: IO What?! Can Rock
  • Rich Webster band
  • Andy Hayward
  • Tim Gustafson
  • Chris Dimond
  • Scotty Hayward: Kalimba a la Carte
  • Steve Price:
  • Various Demos:

      • JJ Cool
      • Triumvirate
      • Rebels Advocates
      • Darrel Nathan: Eto-Le-Eto
      • Great Lakes
      • Rich Webster Trio

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