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Hello: My name is Mircea Tomus--or March, if you have a problem with ethnic pronounciations. I am associate professor of English, with Kirkwood Community College. This site (under construction) is part of a training exercise from a course in html basics that I took a few years back. It will provide you with the basic links to all sorts of interesting places, and also with an idea where we started from; look for pertinent links and ignore the shitty fluff such as the one below.S

I typically teach five English Based courses during the semester:
Composition I:
Introductory reading and writing class.
Composition II:
Advanced reading and writing class
College Writing:
An intensive course, combining Composition I and II in a 5 credit-hour course.
Introduction to poetry:

Introduction to fiction:

Search for Identity:

Literature of the Fantastic:

Internet courses:
Introduction to poetry and Composition II.

Other Interests:
  • Writing, translating from and into Old English, Romanian and French.
  • Music: I play bass guitar in BigFoot, a local rock and blues band.

    Check out the BigFoot, link!!!! That's where the presaent action is!!!

    I also do sound for this band, as part of the Studio Point Project

  • Studio Point:
    our own digital studio, home base of Rough Draft
    Three recording rooms, accoustically insulated, wall-wired.
    Drum section:
    full drum kit, independently miced
    Recording rooms:
    wired for independent headsets, with full control over your own headset mixes
    direct or amp micing capabilities.