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Studio Point:

Welcome to our digital studio, home base of Rough Draft

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The studion consists of three recording rooms (drum section, guitar section, vocal recording booth) plus a mastering/control room. They are all accoustically insulated (fiberglass and accoustic tiles) and separated by glass doors and soundproof windows that allow for eye contact. The rooms are wall-wired. Musicians can plug their instruments directly into the walls, and use headphones. Micing amplifiers is also possible--the studio includes extra unfinished space for amp micing purposes.

Drum section:
The section includes a full drum kit, independently miced (2 XY condenser overheads, double dynamic mics on snare, reversed phase, one dynamic for each tom, a bass drum mic). All microphones are gated and compressed before being pre-mixed as a stereo signal.

Recording rooms:
They are all wired for independent headsets, with full control over your own headset mixes. The guitar section can accommodate up to 8 independent signals or "ins" (four XLR/microphone signals,and 4 TRS.) We typically use two microphones for scratch tracks. The rest of the "ins" can be used for guitars, keyboards, etc.

The headset/monitoring system is buit around a Furman Heaphone Amplifier. Each musician can monitor his/her headphone signal by way of a remote Furman unit. The unit supplies a "Main Mix" button and allows to add up to 4 different independend signals on top. Therefore, each musician can have more of his own signal on top of the main mix. Thre is one Furman unit in the drum section and two in the guitar section. Up to eight units may be added, if need be. All rooms all have extra headset outlets powered by a separate Rolls headset aplifier, providing a stereo signal of the main mix signal. Each room is also wired for powered monitors, in case a "live sound" is preferred.